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The Legendary Panther is one of 16 Legendary Animals that can be hunted and skinned in RDR2, but only after completing nine Master Hunter Challenges. Instead, you’ll need to follow a path toward a tree. spoiler. There is a group of trees along the northern side of the tracks where you should be able to find your first clue, a Moose Tree Rub. From here, hop on your horse and head across the river as you follow the train tracks northbound. I normally try to find the first clue on horseback I feel like that’s a lot quicker. That said, head west out of town to find the first clue, but bring both a good shotgun and your favorite rifle to this fight because you’re going to want some options. Need help with legendary cougar. Bow - one accurate arrow, fired into the head of the deer will immediately kill it.. Sniper rifle - as in the case of the bow, one accurate shot in the head will kill the animal instantly. And like the other people say make sure you don’t get the message saying there’s too much activity in the area etc. Leave the shotguns with the horse. Related: RDR2 Photo Mode & Dynamite Arrows Used To Create Explosive Diorama. ... Red Dead Online: Hunting the Legendary Sapa Cougar. In order to begin hunting this animal, players will need to first level up their naturalist role to level 5. The first clue is west of the pictured location on the map, just off of the trail facing the Lagras Swamp. After you’re done tracking, the Legendary White Bison will be wandering the trees ahead of you. After completing the ninth master hunter challenge, you can go to the location marked in the red circle on the map above to hunt the Legendary Panther in RDR2. Dunlop1988. The trail leads directly south, parallel to the trail once again (proving the Bull Gator isn't afraid of the local traffic). level 2. You can spot your first clue to killing the Legendary Bear after trudging a short ways into the brush to the north of the horse path. To find the first clue, make your way to the northeast edge of the lake and look around with Eagle Eye to find some fur on a rock. The Legendary Cougar is potentially the easiest legendary animal in the game to find since it’s barely even outside of the city limits of Tumbleweed. This can be … The best one you can get from a long distance. Progress to the 3rd chapter and see if that helps, you should be able to get them all though, Find the trapper first so you know where it is at. How to Kill the Legendary Bear. Unlike the other Legendary Animals, the third and final clue won’t point you directly at the Legendary Giaguaro Panther. How to start RDR2 legendary animal hunts. To begin any of the hunts, you’ll first need to complete the mission Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego in Chapter 2. To find the Legendary Moose, you’re going to want to make your way over to Annesburg. Use tracker mode to spot two broken sticks in the mud. Take long-range weapons with you to fight deer. Remember it will start running if you miss. Also when it say's the legendary animal is in the area, there will be gold sparkles where the clues are just look in the R3/L3 buttons and find that. From there you need to follow the trail to the east to spot some bison dung and finally some broken sticks.

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